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From its start on 1 January 2014 the Új Nézőpont (New Perspective), the Hajdú-Bihar County and Debrecen Homeland Study Association’s quarterly journal undertakes the role to be the first fully electronically published, professional interdisciplinary research forum with regard to the Szabolcsian Hajdu towns, the Hajdu District, the historical Hajdu and Bihar counties, as well as Debrecen. It aims to enrich the accumulated cultural-historical knowledge by focusing on the historical-geographical region, and tries to raise the western foreground of the geographical Transylvania’s historical research up to interdisciplinary level, therefore it leaves space to the newest research results without reference to the different branches of science.

It creates the chance for the Hungarian and transborder Bihar, Debrecen, and Hajdúság researchers to publish their studies in Hungarian, Romanian and English language, and makes them possible to appear before a broad professional public. The Editorial Board intends to create a standing ground for the regionally (countrywide) important happenings as well as for local history researches. In addition, publications exist (studies, workshops, collections, data stores) for scientific community to initiate professional conversations, it realizes the importance of publicity and the value of the – not just regional – local patriotism’s tendance and enrichment. In the column of Homeland studies the website provides publication opportunity for history and geography themed papers. It opens the door to specialized literature review articles, including mainly critical evaluation of local history volumes.

The journal publishes manuscripts that are supported by academic advisement, based on principles of scientific publications and proofreading by qualified instructors and researchers.


Új Nézőpont (New Perspective)

The Hajdú-Bihar County and Debrecen Homeland Study Association’s online journal

Publisher: The Hajdú-Bihar County and Debrecen Homeland Study Association

The publisher’s location: 1 Egyetem Square H-4032 Debrecen

Responsible publisher: dr. Ákos Szendrei PhD, the president of the Association

Responsible editor: dr. László Brigovácz PhD

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1 Egyetem Square H-4032 Debrecen (dr. Ákos Szendrei PhD)


Editorial office: ujnezopont@gmail.com

The Hajdú-Bihar County and Debrecen Homeland Study Association and the Új Nézőpont online periodical reserves all rights to copy and distribute any part of the journal by any method and techniques.

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